Just another Content Management System
but this one is easy to use and extend

  • Open Source
  • High usability
  • Wordpress like
  • Easy to extend
  • Fullstack Symfony
  • Sylius inside

Content Grid
Easy way to create complex layouts.

Creating nice looking content is not easy in a lot of Content Management Systems. But with our content grid concept, you can even create content, that looks like fancy magazines.

The engine inside

We are using the full stack Symfony framework, Symfony is very wide used framework and loved by many developers. It has a big and active community and with Symfony inside we can provide a lot of nice features.

Lets extend the code

With Sylius you are able to extend all models like article and page to your needs. You only update your model and form definitions, but enhavo will display it in a nice way.

Wordpress like
Usability that make sense

Wordpress is known for it’s good usability. We think that as well, that's why the layout is very similar. We also try to improve the usablity by showing the user only the elements he needs.

Open Source
Share what we have done

A good Content Management System needs to be Open Source. So everyone can use and extend it to his benifit. Enhavo is using the MIT License.

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Read the docs

Learn how to use enhavo CMS and
check out our documentation.


Get Started
install enhavo within 5 minutes.

We devided enhavo into three different editions,
choose the one that fit to your benefits.

How to install App version

The app edition only contains basic admin features, use this if your application is not used without standard
content management features To create a project with enhavo,
you just need to run the following composer command.

composer create-project enhavo/enhavo-app project-name dev-master

After you have successfully installed enhavo via composer and set up the database settings you can run the enhavo installer.
If you need to modify your database setting, just edit them in the app/config/parameter.yml file

app/console enhavo:install

Test Enhavo now.

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